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Track Records Fall as New Surface Proves Lightning Fast

(05-25,26 2019 Dacono CO) It was a weekend doubleheader at Colorado National Speedway which featured racing and fireworks both nights in celebration of Memorial Day. It was also a demonstration of just how fast the new surface is at the track. Every single division set new track records, many of them obliterated the old marks.

New Track Records from the Memorial Day Weekend: GAM: 16.058 #18 Ed Vecchirelli 84.1 MPH, Qualifying 5/25 LM: 16.650 #31 Derek Smith 81.1 MPH, Qualifying 5/25 SS: 19.104 #49 Chris Cox 70.7 MPH, Feature 5/25 LEG: 17.946 #66 Kyle Clegg 75.1 MPH, Fast Dash 5/26 SLM: 15.070 #48 Eddie Vecchirelli 89.6 MPH, Qualifying 5/26


Galitz Transportation Late Models In one of the best races in years at CNS Derek Smith passed Brett Yackey on the outside on the final corner of the final lap to win the Late Model feature by mere inches. It was Smith’s first feature win in the Late Models.

At the line it’s Derek Smith passing Brett Yackey by a nose (Starr photo)

But it was how Smith got there that was even more amazing. Earlier in the night Smith set quicktime and a new track record with a 16.650 so everyone knew he was fast. However in the first 25 lap Late Model feature Smith got loose and hit the wall hard damaging his car and ending his race. Brett Yackey would go on to win the first feature and Smith would start at the rear of the final 40 lap feature in a backup car.

Brett Yackey took feature number one (Starr photo)

Don Cole in the 85 car would lead the first half of the final race until surrendering the lead to #07 David Hondel. Brett Yackey would work his way past Hondel and appeared on his way to his second win of the night.

But it was Smith who was methodically working his way to the front of the field and wouldn’t catch up to Yackey until the final two laps. Yackey was fast on the low groove so Smith only had one shot and that was to take his chances on the outside of the 32 car. Smith drove deep into the corner in turn one on the final lap to get next to Yackey and then backed off a bit going into turn 3 in an attempt to put the petal top the medal halfway through the corner to steal the win. That strategy paid off as Smith and Yackey drag raced to the finish line side by side. At the checkered it was Smith by a hair with Yackey settling for second. The crowd roared after witnessing such an amazing yet clean race between two young and talented drivers.

Derek Smith in winner’s circle at CNS (Starr photo)

Behind Smith and Yackey #07 David Hondel from Cheyenne, #8 Dan Alamaa out of Colorado Springs and #3 Wade Grove from Thornton.

The Late Models are back in action Saturday June 8th.

40 LAP FEATURE: #31 Derek Smith 25 LAP FEATURE: #32 Brett Yackey QUICK TIME: #31 Derek Smith 16.650 (new track record)

SUNOCO Race Fuels Grand American Modifieds

It was a clean sweep for veteran driver Ed Vecchirelli in the Grand American Modified division taking the feature win as well as the fast dash and setting quicktime with a 16.058 which is a new track record.

Ed’s win in the feature was by no means a walk in the park as #59 Charlie Wilson pushed Vecchirelli the entire race. Wilson tried low and Wilson tried high but could never get around the 18.

The Grand American Modifieds will return to action on Saturday June 8th.

FEATURE: #18 Ed Vecchirelli FAST DASH: #18 Ed Vecchirelli QUICK TIME: #18 Ed Vecchirelli 16.058 (new track record)

TBK Bank Super Stocks While Chris Cox and Michael Cox couldn’t catch #32 Cody Milan on the track during the TBK Super Stock feature event they were able to pass a post race technical inspection when the #32 car could not. Which might have explained why Milan was able to create a half lap lead on the rest of the field. With Milan being disqualified it came to down to a battle between father and son with Chris Cox taking the win and his father Michael coming in 2nd place.

#3 Michael Cox tries to hold off his son #49 Chris Cox for the lead (Starr photo)

Filling out the top 5 behind the #49 and #3 were #82 James Larsen, #60 Jonathan Lindberg, and #02 Sean Smith.

The Super Stocks will return to action Saturday June 8th

FEATURE: FAST DASH: #60 Jonathan Lindberg DASH: #98 Natalie Phelps QUICK TIME: Cody Milan DQ

Elite Diesel Service Figure 8s There was drama entering the Elite Diesel Service Figure 8 feature after the Wall brothers, Jereme and Jared tangled in the fast dash. Jereme wanted to give his brother who was leading a little “love tap” but it turned into more of an incident as Jared spun from the contact and Jereme’s bumper was wedged under Jared’s car.

#17 Harry Livermore Jr. thrills the crowd entering the X (Starr photo)

Both cars were able to start the feature and began to work their way to the front. Early in the race #17 Harry Livermore Jr. spun which put him way back in the field but that’s when the fun began as Livermore showed the world what Figure 8 racin’ is all about. Harry flew through the X with pure abandon narrowly missing cars and shooting the smallest of gaps. The crowd gasped and held their breath as the 17 thrilled with his daring style.

Jereme Wall on his way to victory (Starr photo)

Up front Jereme Wall took the lead from Justin MacKeachie and never looked back cruising to the win.

FEATURE: #15 Jereme Wall FAST DASH: #52 Jared “wally” Wall DASH: #35 Chris Voorhis


Late Models 40 Lap Feature Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 31 Derek Smith Mead 2. 32 Brett Yackey Greeley 3. 07 David Hondel Cheyenne 4. 8 Dan Alamaa Colorado Springs 5. 3 Wade Grove Thornton 6. 9 Brent Cave Brighton 7. 10 Rick Fierro (R) Cheyenne 8. 44 Thomas Powers Pine 9. 72 Gary Cagle Ft. Collins 10. 85 Donald Cole Dacono 11. 99 Sam Messerli (R) Thornton 12. 50 Justin McKeachie 13. 43 Chris Donnelson (R) Morrill NE 14. 6 Jason Sharp Fountain 15. 16 Steve Mills Colorado Springs 16. 53 Nathan Gasser Thornton 17. 58 Jeff Webb Erie 18. 98 Lee Kemmit Brighton 19. 20 David Schmidt (R) Westminster 20. 11 Montie Paulsen Pueblo West 21. 94 Kyle Morse Peyton

Late Models 25 Lap Feature Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 32 Brett Yackey Greeley 2. 3 Wade Grove Thornton 3. 07 David Hondel Cheyenne 4. 98 Lee Kemmit Brighton 5. 9 Brent Cave Brighton 6. 53 Nathan Gasser Thornton 7. 44 Thomas Powers Pine 8. 72 Gary Cagle Ft. Collins 9. 11 Montie Paulsen Pueblo West 10. 85 Donald Cole Dacono 11. 50 Justin McKeachie 12. 16 Steve Mills Colorado Springs 13. 43 Chris Donnelson (R) Morrill NE 14. 8 Dan Alamaa Colorado Springs 15. 6 Jason Sharp Fountain 16. 20 David Schmidt (R) Westminster 17. 10 Rick Fierro (R) Cheyenne 18. 58 Jeff Webb Erie 19. 99 Sam Messerli (R) Thornton 20. 94 Kyle Morse Peyton 21. 31 Derek Smith Mead

Grand American Modifieds Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 18 Ed Vecchirelli 2. 59 Charles Wilson Penrose 3. 13 Darin Clark 4. 4 Marcus Kelly (R) Cheyenne 5. 51M Eric Meisner Brighton 6. 37 Landon Birney (R) Cheyenne

Super Stocks Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 49 Chris Cox 2. 3 Mike Cox 3. 82 James Larsen 4. 60 Jonathan Lindberg 5. 02 Sean Smith 6. 98 Natalie Phelps 7. 86 Tim Coate (R) 8. 3.2 Robert Davey Erie 9. 21 Chris Nelson 10. 51X Joseph Dike (R) 11. 19 Shelby Cortese 12. 29G Justin Griffin Weldona 13. 28S McCaslin Cain 14. 03 Tyler Mander (R) Evans 15. 31 Ronnie Duran Jr 16. 30 Jared Keener 17. 99S Sam Messerli DQ 32 Cody Milan Fort Collins

Figure 8s Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 15 Jereme Wall Commerce City 2. 52 Jared Wall Commerce City 3. 2 Jeremy Jackson Denver 4. 9 Brent Cave Brighton 5. 25 Phil Taylor 6. 35 Chris Voorhis Thornton 7. 23 Michael Wolfe Thornton 8. 8 Brian McCartney Colorado Springs 9. 17 Harry Livermore Jr Denver 10. 11 Joe Gastineau Centennial 11. 7 Daniel Wood 12. 5 Curtis Chavez Loveland 13. 12 Harvey Webb Jr Thornton 14. 50 Justin Mckeachie 15. 18 Dennis Stepanich III (R) Thornton 16. 88 Thomas Huffman Littleton


Mountain States Fire Protection Super Late Models

There were a lot of factors working against the Super Late Models which caused a shortened program for the division. The main culprit was a set of long cleanups after oil and liquid spills on the track in the first feature event. Later in the night Mother Nature took her turn and rained out the final 50 lap feature event.

Super Late Models prepare for the green flag (Starr photo)

However that didn’t stop #08 Jace Hansen from collecting the win in the first feature race. Jace has been focusing his efforts racing in national events around the western US but came back to try out the new pavement at CNS. Clearly the new surface was to Hansen’s liking as he grabbed the lead from #32 Brett Yackey and brought home the big win. Yackey settled for 2nd place, #11 Darren Robertson from Westminster was 3rd, #9 Justin Simonson from Wheatridge took 4th and #22 Chris Eggleston from Thornton was the final car in the top 5.

Another item of note was the incredible times that the Super Late Models are turning on the new surface. In qualifying several cars crushed the current track record but none quicker than Eddie Vecchirelli who almost cracked the 14 second bracket with a blistering 15.070.

Jace Hansen in winner’s circle (Starr photo)

50 Lap FEATURE: RAIN 40 Lap FEATURE: #08 Jace Hansen QUICKTIME: #48 Eddie Vecchirelli 15.070 (new track record)

Elite V Twin Legend Cars

The Rocky Mountain Legends Racing Association was in the the 3rd day of their annual Rumble in the Rockies National Qualifying event which brought a huge field of almost 40 legends cars to CNS on Sunday night. It was the first time the Legend cars had touched the new surface at CNS and they were fast as lightning even breaking into the 17 second lap barrier. Kyle Clegg obliterated the old track record timing in at 17.975.

3 DASH races were won by #30 Darrell Stewart who was the fast dash winner, #5 Gary Wegener taking the regular dash and #9 Terry McBride who won the eliminator dash.

In the feature event a group of 4 cars broke from the large pack including Clegg, Stewart, #15 Danny Medina, and #98 Brent Scheidemantle. Clegg had started 10th but was in the lead within 3 laps proving his car loves the new asphalt. The top four were clearly the class of the field and would have been tough for anyone to catch. Unfortunately the rain began to fall and the race was cut short. Clegg was awarded the win with Stewart, Medina, Scheidemantle, and #16 Travis Roe in the top 5.

The Legends return this weekend in the Elite V Twin Legend Car Summer Showdown Saturday June 1st.

FEATURE: #66 Kyle Clegg FAST DASH: #30 Darrell Stewart DASH: #5 Gary Wegener ELIMINATION RACE: #9 Terry McBride QUICKTIME: #66 Kyle Clegg 17.975 (new track record)


Kody King in winner’s circle (Starr photo)

Travis Sanders in winner’s circle (Starr photo)


OUTLAW 1 DASH: #78 Brody Moore OUTLAW 2 DASH: #07 Aubrei Hilton

BANDIT 1 DASH: #68 James Starcher BANDIT 2 DASH: #14 Kody King

Witthar Racing Trains

FEATURE: Trump Train (Kelly Villers and Vinny)

Trump Train takes the win (Starr photo)

The 77 Train takes a wild ride (Starr photo)

Official Results

Super Late Model 40 Lap Feature Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 08 Jace Hansen 2. 32 Brett Yackey Greeley 3. 11 Darren Robertson Westminster 4. 9 Justin Simonson Wheatridge 5. 22 Chris Eggleston Thornton 6. 42 Mark Neff 7. 21 Conner Snow Morison 8. 12 Bruce Yackey Greeley 9. 43 Kody Vanderwal LaSalle 10. 34 Rudy Vanderwal LaSalle 11. 84 Matt Zwingelberg Parker 12. 8 Jeff Walbaum (R) Brighton 13. 29 Matt Brunker Lakewood 14. 91 Chris Atkinson Cheyenne 15. 48 Eddie Vecchiarelli 16. 88 Jonathan Knee (R) Fort Collins 17. 79 Brad Jenkins Castle Rock 18. 58 Kyle Ray Littleton 19. 6 Dominic Ursetta Arvada 20. 22X Mark Jones Denver 21. 47 PJ Mattorano Jr 22. 82 Michael Scott Cheyenne 23. 25 Monty Skinner Black Hawk

Legend Cars Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 66 Kyle Clegg Westminster 2. 15 Danny Medina Colorado Springs 3. 98 Brent Scheidemantle Brighton 4. 30 Darrell J Stewart Arvada 5. 16 Travis Roe Thornton 6. 25 Adam Pechman Morrison 7. 21 Ryan Jones Arvada 8. 82 Austin Saunders 9. 03 Darrell Stewart Arvada 10. 6 Scotty Scott Arvada 11. 46 Zachary Witherwax Arvada 12. 1 Robert Gayton Alburquerque NM 13. 5 Gary Wegener 14. 27 Ray Oakley Conifer 15. 20 Kynzer Riddell Westminster 16. 19 Larry Pachello Arvada 17. 08 Krystal Faulkingham Westminster 18. 88 Paul Himler Erie 19. 26 Chris Brunker Lakewood 20. 54 Heather Hadley Corte Madera CA 21. 37 Tanner Scarberry (R) Denver 22. 86 Travis Rudolph Thornton 23. 75 Austin Hackenberg (R) Denver 24. 28 Adam Powers Silverthorne 25. 53 Ryan Scott Colorado Springs 26. 95 Jessilyn Dike Westminster 27. 72 Cynthia Robb Wheatridge 28. 78 Ashlyn Himler Erie 29. 9 Terry McBride Edgewater 30. 45 Cole Tuttle (R) Denver 31. 60 Jim Stevens Wheatridge 32. 43 Robert Sears Firestone 33. 04 Natalie Foster Westminster 34. 57 Adam Osborne Fountain

Trains Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 45 The Trump Train Kelly & Vinny 2. 86 Last Call 3. 01 Dukes of Hazzards -Lonnie Skaiem 4. 17 Salute to Serve Robert & Lonnie 5. 311 Bipolar Express Cassandra Gonzales 6. 151 Crazy Train Jeremy & Chad 7. 26 Slam Track 8. 77 Slimers Revenge

Bandolero Outlaw Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 00 Travis Sanders Aurora 2. 77 Chasen Groff Denver 3. 89 Zachery Morris Greenwood Village 4. 78 Brody Moore 5. 06 Mahkrysta Hilton Brighton 6. 98 Samuel Haugen Centennial 7. 12 Bryanna Bruce 8. J3 Justin Ziemlecki 9. 3 Nandini Breggin Highlands Ranch 10. 22 Andy Jones Littleton 11. 8 Danielle Walbaum Brighton 12. 11 Tyler Sefcovic Bennett 13. 03 Isaac Almaswari Lochbouie 14. 07 Aubrei Hilton Brighton

Bandolero Bandit Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 14 Kody King 2. 82 Teigan Scott Cheyenne 3. 99I Isaiah Scott Cheyenne 4. 52 Nic Wall Commerce City 5. 68 Wyatt Dent Brighton 6. 6 Alexandra Scott Arvada 7. 63 Jame Starcher Limon


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